July 31, 2011

Barbie Sunday.

What better way to end the month than a fun photo shoot with the peoplewho are close to your heart?
After weeks of preparation, our Life In Plastic shoot's done. The team composed of B&G with my resident makeup artist, mi love Avi Castaño. Our model? None other than Verniece Enciso herself. I have become so close with her ever since she started studying in SDA. We're like siblings already! I find it funny sometimes that I'm close with the very lovely Enciso sisters and I know stuff about Vern that I think Verniece doesn't know about and I know stuff about Verniece that I think Vern doesn't know about. Well that was confusing. Haha. We arrived in her place at around ten in the morning and first watched the replay of Mega Fashion Crew before hair and makeup. The actual shoot started before twelve. I got so amazed with her bedroom because it really looks like it's Barbie's bedroom and, as expected, almost everything is pink!

 A few days before the shoot, I told Vern that I'll take a photo of her waking up in her pajamas and make an A Shoe Tale scandal photo of her! She jokingly replied that she would dress up fashown, put makeup on, and wear heels before sleeping. Sadly, I was not able to surprise her because she was sleeping with their dad! Sayang. Haha. She joined us in the afternoon and I got to bond with my PFW buddy as well!

We ended at around five. It was a very exhausting six-hour shoot because I had to painstakingly light a different set for each layout. Exhausting but fun! Gelo enjoyed the shoot because, like the army shoot that we did, Barbie is close to his heart. We'll be unveiling the photos this month so make sure to watch out for it.

I love my lil sis Verniece so much!
Carpe diem.

July 30, 2011

Graphika Manila.

"Stay humble and be hungry."

Graphika Manila is the Philippine Fashion Week of 
multimedia arts students and there's no way that we missed out
on this event. My lovely best friends Monica Mariano, Valerie Jiongco
and I decided to dress up like it was really PFW.
Style Diary
Levenson Rodriguez Bespoke tapestry coat
Azur buttondown 
Topman khaki pants
Mundo shoes

Here's what they wore:

This was my first time to attend this yearly conference and I really learned and got inspired by
what their very prestigious speakers talked about. My personal favorite's Dan Matutina and his
very comical talk about his life. I also learned a lot from 27+20's discussion about the design process.
And WETA Digital's exclusive presentation about how they made "the" Avatar 
astounded everyone in the audience! Overall, it was a very fruitful discussion.
I am definitely looking forward to next year's Graphika Manila.

I did not take photos throughout the event because I was really focused on what was
being discussed by the speakers. They were that awesome! Haha.
Here's what I took before and after the conference:

And The WInner Is.

Congratulations to Erick Dizon for winning my first blog giveaway contest!
Please contact me as soon as possible for the details.

July 29, 2011

July 28, 2011

In Less Than 48 Hours.

... and our lives will be forever changed. 

In 13 weeks, 5 individuals will prevail.
The search begins on Saturday, July 30, at 7pm on ETC. 
With replay on Sundays at 10am.

Mark the date, guys!
Bjorn Manila will conquer your televisions soon.
Carpe diem.

Thank you Ken Batino for making this poster!

July 27, 2011

You Are Reversible.

Oxygen has launched yet another innovative product in the local fashion market - the reversible jeans! You can easily wear them inside and out and there's a different style to each side. This is perfect for people who travel a lot or those like me who tend to sleep over in his friends' condo every Thursday and forget to bring extra pants for school the next day. Haha! One word for Oxygen - genius! They come in different fits and washes. What are you waiting for? The men's styles are in stores now and Oxygen is selling them for only 1899 pesos each! 

Make sure to like Oxygen on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.
P. S. I am not ending this week without buying a pair!

July 26, 2011

For The Love Of Os.

The first film of OS Vol. 1 is inspired with the wild stray cats wandering off the streets. These deserted felines become agitated beasts, always scavenging for food and shelter as they wander off for survival in the jungle known to man-the city. This video exhibits the spirit of both the raw and the primitive yet contemporary which is similar to the aesthetic of OS's first collection. 

For more information about OS, kindly visit their website on: http://www.os-accessories.com/ 

The SM Tees Project.

I can't help but buy these in SM Department Store.
There's a whole rack of them and they come in different
stylish designs! What I love the most is the Love Magazine tee
that I bought when my friends and I went shopping in SM Harrison a
few weeks ago. A while ago, I decided to drop by the closest SM from my home 
which is SM Bicutan and found the other three tees as posted below.

The Love Magazine, Army Girl and Marilyn Monroe shirts
cost around 160 pesos only while the other one cost 400.
I suggest you go to the nearest SM and grab some tees now!

Waterproof Tuesday.

Style Diary
two-tone Oxygen shirt
polka dot jacket from ukay (Harrison Plaza)
Topman khaki pants
Mundo shoes

photographed by Avi Castaño

Another typhoon hits Manila and we're always dismayed whenever
classes get suspended except for ours because we're college students
in Taft. And to make things worse, classes were actually suspended but late in the 
afternoon when I was already done for the day. As how we always say it in school,
"college students are not waterproof!"

After my first class, Gelo Arucan contacted me if I can act again in his film.
Since we got dismissed early, Avi Castaño, Monica Mariano and I went down
to the Black Box and helped out with their project. I played the character of 
a modernized version of Crispin and as expected, I was dressed as a homeless kid
and they put charcoal all over me!
Here's my new look:

Monica took some BTS while we were filming.
Avi starred as the bitchy Chinese boss of mine
and yes, I was physically abused and hurt 
throughout the shoot. Haha!
It was my first time to act in this kind of production
and I really had fun with Gelo and his classmates.
Hope to see the final output soon!

How did your rainy Tuesday go?

July 25, 2011

Family Feud.

Survey says...
The Team Artists will win DLS-CSB SDA Family Feud!
The family composes of:
my 3OH's triplet, best friend and SDA Representative, Monica Mariano
my buddy and one of the top bloggers in Manila, David Guison
my little sister, skating queen and indie film actress, Verniece Enciso
the very awesome Paul Reyes
and me.

The best family photo (based on the number of likes) will get something.
So please support Team Artists!

And watch us on the SDA Family Feud itself on
August 10, 2011, Green Room, 10th Floor SDA.
That'll be from 1:00PM - 2:30PM.

Ticket Price at only P30.00 each.
CSBLIFE/OrdevA&B Accredited!
Hope we'll win this competition.
Carpe diem.

Grabbed photos from Benildean FUSE page and David Guison.

Panic Monday.

From my baby boo boo Drea Adapon's iPad.

July 24, 2011

The Hundred Thousand Giveaway.

Today marks a special day for my blog - it has reached a hundred thousand hits!
And what better way to thank all of you than having my first blog giveaway.
I've been thinking of what to give out and I really wanted it to be
special and priceless.

So what am I giving away to a lucky reader of mine?

An exclusive photo shoot date 
with me as your photographer.

Yes, dinner's included with that and one more special gift which
I will not tell as of the moment! Haha!

Shoot may be outdoor or indoor. It's up to you.
Just tell me what kind of shoot you want and I'll
do my best to achieve it! I'll give three photos to
the lucky reader and publish it on my sites.

So here are the mechanics on how to join my first contest:

1. Comment the following details on this post:
Name / Age / Concept of the shoot you want

2. Follow me on Twitter (@bjornmanila) and tweet this:
I am joining @bjornmanila's first blog giveaway on http://bjornxmanila.blogspot.com!

Entries will be accepted until July 29, 2011.

And you're done! It's that easy! 
Winners will be chosen by the handy random.org.
So I hope you guys join the contest and 
keep on reading BjornxManila. 
Carpe diem!

One Week Left.

... and my life will be forever changed. 

In 13 weeks, 5 individuals will prevail.
The search begins on Saturday, July 30, at 7pm on ETC. 
With replay on Sundays at 10am.

Mark the date, guys!
Bjorn Manila will conquer your televisions soon.
Carpe diem.

Look At Me Now.

Extraordinary things are always hiding in places people never think to look. A lot of things have significantly changed these couple of weeks and I have been so much busy lately being a college student leader and a photographer. My style's changed. And I have been changed.

Last Friday, I received our pull outs from Señor Levenson Rodriguez for our army and Barbie shoots and I saw this tapestry blazer with a note that says, "A little thing for you Bjorn... from my tapestry collection, my first one of a kind off-the-rack pieces. Hope it fits you well. Tenga cuidado." At first I thought it was part of the pullouts but when I read the part that says, "I hope it fits you well," I was really surprised! Thank you so much Sir Lev! 

I am focused on three things as of the moment. First, training the freshman representative candidates of our political party in College Of Saint Benilde, KA-ISA. Second, continuing to build up my career in the industry along with my stylist partner, Gelo Arucan. Third and the most important, continuing to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. Carpe diem. 

July 23, 2011

On Thin Ice.

I cannot wait to see this film starring my little sister,
Verniece Enciso, and James Reid. The first screening's
on the 24th of August and it'll be exclusive for Lasallian
students. I'll also be shooting her soon as the very
iconic Barbie so watch out for that... Life In Plastic.