July 25, 2011

Family Feud.

Survey says...
The Team Artists will win DLS-CSB SDA Family Feud!
The family composes of:
my 3OH's triplet, best friend and SDA Representative, Monica Mariano
my buddy and one of the top bloggers in Manila, David Guison
my little sister, skating queen and indie film actress, Verniece Enciso
the very awesome Paul Reyes
and me.

The best family photo (based on the number of likes) will get something.
So please support Team Artists!

And watch us on the SDA Family Feud itself on
August 10, 2011, Green Room, 10th Floor SDA.
That'll be from 1:00PM - 2:30PM.

Ticket Price at only P30.00 each.
CSBLIFE/OrdevA&B Accredited!
Hope we'll win this competition.
Carpe diem.

Grabbed photos from Benildean FUSE page and David Guison.

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