July 14, 2011

Ping Pong And Planking Thursday.

Style Diary
Collezione C2 pique shirt
Issey Miyake Men button-down
Oxygen pants
Topman plimsolls

We play table tennis for our Physical Education class every Thursday and I went for an athletic preppy look today.
 I always remember the movie, Balls of Fury, whenever we play ping pong.

My best friends and I always do the craziest things in school and today we decided to do... planking.
For those who do not know what planking is, it's a popular game in which a person lies face down stiff as a board in unusual, and sometimes dangerous, locations. These photos are just a start of our planking project. 

Monica Mariano and the photocopy station on the ninth floor of SDA.
Avi Castaño and the SDA restroom's sink.
Me and the restroom's floor. (Don't worry I didn't let my face touch the floor.)
Avi and the mannequins on the eight floor of SDA.

We'll be posting crazier ones soon!
Happy planking.