July 26, 2011

The SM Tees Project.

I can't help but buy these in SM Department Store.
There's a whole rack of them and they come in different
stylish designs! What I love the most is the Love Magazine tee
that I bought when my friends and I went shopping in SM Harrison a
few weeks ago. A while ago, I decided to drop by the closest SM from my home 
which is SM Bicutan and found the other three tees as posted below.

The Love Magazine, Army Girl and Marilyn Monroe shirts
cost around 160 pesos only while the other one cost 400.
I suggest you go to the nearest SM and grab some tees now!


  1. SM is actually quite amazing. I need to go to the guy's section and get cool stuff like yours!

  2. Yes, I agree with you! SM has really changed for the past years and I love what they offer now in their stores! :D

  3. I'd get that Ewan McGregor (his character on Trainspotting) but it's 400 bucks! Ahhhh