July 4, 2011

Sunday Was WIld.

I went back to UP Diliman for yet another photoshoot. This time I collaborated with two of my la familia in MEGA Fashion Crew: makeup artist Titin Hurtado and fashion stylist Janno Novenario. My good friend Yeoh Egwaras sent two of his fierce and fresh models, Jaja Solas and Kat Ismail, and they totally rocked the shoot. And the amazing Thysz Estrada who knows the best locations around UP became our very fierce set director. We played around with the concept of chic and playful socialites suddenly finding themselves in the middle of the nowhere and they desperately want to find their way out. It took us the whole afternoon because of Manila's bipolar weather (as always). We ended around seven (that was the first outdoor shoot that I did that ended so late) but seeing the photos at the end of the day was very fulfilling. Unveiling them soon.

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