July 26, 2011

Waterproof Tuesday.

Style Diary
two-tone Oxygen shirt
polka dot jacket from ukay (Harrison Plaza)
Topman khaki pants
Mundo shoes

photographed by Avi Castaño

Another typhoon hits Manila and we're always dismayed whenever
classes get suspended except for ours because we're college students
in Taft. And to make things worse, classes were actually suspended but late in the 
afternoon when I was already done for the day. As how we always say it in school,
"college students are not waterproof!"

After my first class, Gelo Arucan contacted me if I can act again in his film.
Since we got dismissed early, Avi Castaño, Monica Mariano and I went down
to the Black Box and helped out with their project. I played the character of 
a modernized version of Crispin and as expected, I was dressed as a homeless kid
and they put charcoal all over me!
Here's my new look:

Monica took some BTS while we were filming.
Avi starred as the bitchy Chinese boss of mine
and yes, I was physically abused and hurt 
throughout the shoot. Haha!
It was my first time to act in this kind of production
and I really had fun with Gelo and his classmates.
Hope to see the final output soon!

How did your rainy Tuesday go?