July 31, 2011

Barbie Sunday.

What better way to end the month than a fun photo shoot with the peoplewho are close to your heart?
After weeks of preparation, our Life In Plastic shoot's done. The team composed of B&G with my resident makeup artist, mi love Avi Castaño. Our model? None other than Verniece Enciso herself. I have become so close with her ever since she started studying in SDA. We're like siblings already! I find it funny sometimes that I'm close with the very lovely Enciso sisters and I know stuff about Vern that I think Verniece doesn't know about and I know stuff about Verniece that I think Vern doesn't know about. Well that was confusing. Haha. We arrived in her place at around ten in the morning and first watched the replay of Mega Fashion Crew before hair and makeup. The actual shoot started before twelve. I got so amazed with her bedroom because it really looks like it's Barbie's bedroom and, as expected, almost everything is pink!

 A few days before the shoot, I told Vern that I'll take a photo of her waking up in her pajamas and make an A Shoe Tale scandal photo of her! She jokingly replied that she would dress up fashown, put makeup on, and wear heels before sleeping. Sadly, I was not able to surprise her because she was sleeping with their dad! Sayang. Haha. She joined us in the afternoon and I got to bond with my PFW buddy as well!

We ended at around five. It was a very exhausting six-hour shoot because I had to painstakingly light a different set for each layout. Exhausting but fun! Gelo enjoyed the shoot because, like the army shoot that we did, Barbie is close to his heart. We'll be unveiling the photos this month so make sure to watch out for it.

I love my lil sis Verniece so much!
Carpe diem.


  1. asdfghjklööä DAMN. I WANT THAT ROOOOOM :(( Oh oh you know what Bee, Vern and I were classmates when we were little! :))

  2. Thanks Grace. :)

    Weeeeehhh Jamie!! :))) Small world! :">