August 22, 2011

For The Love Of Bow Ties.

I have seventeen new bow ties that I bought from an acquaintance 
who recently launched his accessory line named Aparadore du Jour.

The bow tie has been a signature piece for me and 
my friends have associated me with this accessory.

I am giving away one of these beautiful designs
to a reader who correctly answers this question first:

What is the brand of the first bow tie that I've ever worn?

Comment on this post with your name, contact number and answer!


  1. Adrian Guadalupe @aydsguadalupe, 09266799384, H&M bow tie!

  2. RoeL rivera, 09276156860, wharton

  3. Uhm, Wharton from SM Dept Store? Nettie Solon 09352642984

  4. Adrian Guadalupe, congrats! First comment and you got it right! :D

  5. Awesome! Ever since following your blog, I have associated bow ties with you, haha.