August 12, 2011

The Friday Project.

I have been planning to do this simple project since the Bloggers United Bazaar but never actually had the time to work on it. I told myself today that I would not do anything else unless I start and finish on this project. I find my bedroom’s longest wall boring so I thought of putting all my photographs on it so that I can see what I have done so far and also be inspired of taking photographs everyday. 

I collated all my best photographs that I have taken in the past ten months and had them developed.
There are a total of a hundred and three photos!

 I was assisted by our awesome kasambahays in this project. It took us an hour and a half to finish sticking the photos, removing some and then sticking them again on different areas of my wall. I thought a hundred and three photos would be enough but look at how much space there still is! I guess it'll be filled with more and better photos as the months go by! After my room’s big doodle wall (as partly seen on the left) comes my photography wall.


  1. Whoa! I Love the mural on the Left!
    Who did that? :O

  2. i love how it turned out! I've been planning to decorate my wall/paint a mural but I cant find time. haha see you soon bjorn!

  3. Thanks guys. :)
    Kier, my friend Lorenz and I did it last year. :)

  4. That's so cool! My room's kind of boring, too, so maybe I should have photos developed like you did.

    Great idea!

  5. What did you use to paste the photos on the wall!? sticky tacks!? i've been wanting to do this too but I just don't know the right material which doesn't leave a mark on the wall! :D

  6. Go do it Julian! :D

    Randz, matatawa ka! :)) MASKING TAPE lang! =))

  7. HAHAHAHA really!? it leaves that dark mark ata on the wall if it either stays to long or not removed properly! haha but practicality's the way to go!