July 30, 2011

Graphika Manila.

"Stay humble and be hungry."

Graphika Manila is the Philippine Fashion Week of 
multimedia arts students and there's no way that we missed out
on this event. My lovely best friends Monica Mariano, Valerie Jiongco
and I decided to dress up like it was really PFW.
Style Diary
Levenson Rodriguez Bespoke tapestry coat
Azur buttondown 
Topman khaki pants
Mundo shoes

Here's what they wore:

This was my first time to attend this yearly conference and I really learned and got inspired by
what their very prestigious speakers talked about. My personal favorite's Dan Matutina and his
very comical talk about his life. I also learned a lot from 27+20's discussion about the design process.
And WETA Digital's exclusive presentation about how they made "the" Avatar 
astounded everyone in the audience! Overall, it was a very fruitful discussion.
I am definitely looking forward to next year's Graphika Manila.

I did not take photos throughout the event because I was really focused on what was
being discussed by the speakers. They were that awesome! Haha.
Here's what I took before and after the conference:

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  1. I really enjoyed Dan Matutina's talk at Graphika Manila! I was there too. :)

    And I think I saw you? Haha.