August 13, 2011

Lazy Saturday.

Even Bruno Mars said it... there are just days that we don't feel like doing anything 
and for me, today's one of them.
Style Diary
Dean&Trent blazer
Oxygen shirt 
Oxygen pants
Mundo loafers

The story:
I got so bored at home so I decided to drive to Makati.

First stop: The Collective. I miss this place. It saddens me that some of the shops are closed already.

I had an early dinner in my favorite noodle house, Wabi-Sabi
Back in freshman year, my buddy Bryan Arcebal and I would eat here after classes. 

It made me smile that my photo's still on their wall. I'm on the Ramen team!

Their Banh My is so heavenly. For those who don't know, 
Banh My is Vietnamese baguette. This one has sliced carrots, cucumbers, pork, etc.

Afterwards, I went to No. 38 for our Mega Fashion Crew viewing party.
Meet Angelo de Cartagena. He's my stylist in the first episode and I'm glad that we've become so close since then. We joke that Gelo Arucan's the "legal wife" and he's the mistress! Haha! We'll be having a shoot this month together with two of our fellow contestants so watch out for that!

Unlike last week, there were only nine of us who went to tonight's viewing party. 
It's always fun to watch the show with my MFC family. 
Good luck in tomorrow's taping, guys! Love you all.

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