August 17, 2011

Surprise Visit.

Mi love Monica, PB and I hurriedly walked from Simple Line 
(we prefer their milk tea more than Zen Tea) to SDA. When we entered,
we immediately saw a familiar face who stood out from the crowd
and it was none other than our lovely Vern Enciso! I screamed 
and gave her a big hug! It has been a long time since we last saw 
each other. To be exact, it has been twelve days. Haha!

I asked her why she's in SDA and I smiled when she told me that
she went in our school just to have her outfit taken by our buddy
Jelito De Leon. Here's our photo taken by Jelito a while ago:
Forgive my sweat stains. It was quite hot walking from
our Taft campus to SDA.
Style Diary
Uberto Duranto shirt from SM Department Store
with assorted pins that Gelo bought from Divisoria 
vintage Bally belt
Oxygen jeans
shoes from Hong Kong

Vern's Style Diary
top from SM Department Store
necklace from Bangkok
Levi's jeans
Call It Spring shoes
Topshop bag

And I took a photo of her with our  ISDA bag! Thanks love.

Catch Vern Enciso tomorrow night in
She'll be their speaker and we'll all be
there as well! Beaute will be held in
the SDA Green Room tomorrow at 7PM.

Hello Vern, you look so lovely as always.
See you all in Beaute tomorrow.
Carpe diem.

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