August 8, 2011

Thank You MEGA Fashion Crew.

"What I did was me. What we [Janno, Titin, Mads, Raymond and I] did was us. And that is what's important." These are my final words in MEGA Fashion Crew. And for me, my biggest accomplishment in the show is that I was able to bring smiles, touch the hearts and make a difference to the lives of fifty-nine very talented individuals who I now consider as family. No regrets. Thank you so much MEGA Magazine for the opportunity! To everyone, thank you so much for your overwhelming support. I am forever grateful! As I would always say it, carpe diem, just continue living life to the fullest!

I watched this very emotional episode with my MFC family last Saturday.
Suki Salvador and Meryll Yan were also there with us.
Thank you so much guys! I love you all.

Here's my exclusive interview with MEGA after being eliminated:

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